Our Story

 It’s style that enhances allure and grace.

It’s expression that brings a smile to your face.

It’s brilliance that exudes sensuality.



This is the essence of Joie Mie, where fashion brings boundless joy.

Joie Mie strives to provide fashions that are alluring, fresh and provocative, encouraging personal exploration and empowering women to rediscover their inner essence.


Joie Mie, literally, “Joy” and “Elegance”, is an exuberant, refreshing take on personal refinement, presenting a thoughtful selection and fashionable creations with delicate workmanship, innovative style, intricate quality and exquisite design.



A Fashionable Mind

Joie Mie is the brainchild of Jasmine Chua, whose passion for fashion inspired her to move from a vibrant career in branding and marketing into the even more fast-paced world of fashion accessories.


Operating in a demanding international business environment, ingrained in Jasmine the importance of self-confidence & feel empowered at all times, which matched perfectly with her individualistic sense of style. Leveraging on knowledge and skillsets gained in the contemporary marketing environment, Jasmine developed a skilled eye for spotting trends and accurately defining personalities, both of which were invaluable in creating Joie Mie’s fashion concept.


Understanding that fashion today is an integral part of a woman’s personal expression, Jasmine created Joie Mie with the vision of empowering women with the self-confidence to express their individuality and experiencing the joy of discovering their own unique elegance.




Alluring & Fresh

We strive to deliver “Attractive, Fresh & Provocative” fashion that makes our customers look & feel beautiful inside out. Offering wide varieties of fashionable products that help solve customer’s problem and unmet needs.



We celebrate individuality & push the realm of self-exploration in discovering the best for oneself.  We will provide professional consultation in helping our customers to find their best style.


Customer’s Creation

“We Hear You”. We are dedicated to building friendship & not just a commercial brand that sells you stuff. Constantly stay in touch with the changing or unmet customer’s wants & desire.


Memorable Experience:

Romancing our customers with the allure of fashionable products, consulting & delightful customer’s services, building friendships that last.



We are committed to constantly add value & bring exciting products in high quality at affordable price, catering to different customer’s profile.